Does water make you lose weight? Yes, you can. It is because water has a number of extraordinary particles that can make your weight down. Water is a thing that if you see with the naked eye is a common and there is no excess. However, if you examine the number of particles contained in it, then you will be surprised to hear that. Many benefits of water that not only can make a fresh and fit body, but also can lose weight every person. It is because water has a number of benefits as follows.

Water can withstand hunger

It does not mean you have to keep drinking water so you get the ideal body, but the water can help you to lose weight. It is because if you drink lots of water, then you will feel full in some time.

Water can help you to reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol is a very affecting body weight. However, if you drink plenty of water, then you can make your cholesterol lower, which means you can also lose weight.

Water is needed to digest food

Water can help you to bring food debris contained in the body to be removed from your body. Water also can carry toxins that present in your body. In addition, water can also help digest food contained in the body.

Water can help you to keep your liver function

If you complain of pain in the liver, then you should drink plenty of water. It is because the water can make the liver work well.

Water helps ‘flush’ the body

Many people are reluctant to drink water. It is because most of them do not want to frequent the bathroom to pee if they drink plenty of water. However, it is true. By drinking plenty of water, then you will often go to the toilet. Of course, it indicates that the toxins that are found in your body properly issued.

Water can help you to moisturize the skin

Your skin is often exposed to hot sunshine and dust which of course causes your skin to be dry and dull. Nevertheless, if you frequently drink plenty of water, then you can keep your skin moist and healthy.

Actually there are many more benefits of water that you can know besides those 6 things that have been mentioned previously. However, you should point out now is how the water can make your weight go down quickly. There are a number of ways to consume water in order to support your diet program. Its ways are:

Drinking one glass of water before you eat. It is better if you drink warm water before you eat, about 30 – 60 minutes before eating. It is meant to cleanse your digestive leftovers from a number attached to the walls. Moreover, one glass of water is after a meal. However, do not drink water immediately after eating. Give the lag time of about 15-30 minutes after eating.

Drinking one glass of water, approximately 1 hour before bedtime. In addition to filling the stomach can help you during your sleep, drink water before bed also makes the body healthy and fit for the next day. Do not forget to drink 6 glasses of water again (because everyone is required to drink 8 glasses per day) at the time that you want.

Drinking one glass of water when you wake up can also make a smooth digestion. In addition, this will make the body feel fit and fresh again.

Drinking water mixed with lemon juice. Sour taste in them will make you fresher longer, until you do not need to ask, “Does water make you lose weight?” anymore.
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