Set Yourself Up For Success By Planning Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

You can snack and lose weight!  Eating healthy snacks for weight loss is a superior way to lose unwanted weight rather than trying to eat only three meals a day.  Research shows that our metabolism increases when we eat small portions throughout the day.  So you really can strive towards your goal by eating healthy snacks for weight loss.

If you feel hungry in between meals, pay attention to your body’s signs.  By feeding your hunger with a healthy snack, perhaps fruits or veggies, you will keep your metabolism fire going and you will lessen your desire to overeat at your next meal.

One danger in snacking is that sometimes you may need a snack and not have the right kinds of food around you.  You can avoid this situation by planning ahead.

Some suggest that on Sundays (or whenever you have “down time”) that you shop for healthy options and then prepare them also.  You can cut the veggies and fruits the way you like them, and then place them in serving size plastic bags.  Then, instead of grabbing a bag of chips, you’ll be grabbing a bag of nutrients!

You could also portion out nuts.  Nuts can be deceiving; they taste good, are easy to pop in your mouth for a snack, and are high in calories.  So portion control is especially important here.

You could also stock your environment with yogurt as a choice.  Yogurt is a great healthy snack, as are other low-fat dairy choices such as string-cheese, low-fat Colby slices, or even low-fat frozen yogurt.

If it’s crunch you seek when snacking, and you want to stay true to eating healthy snacks for weight loss, try air-popped popcorn, small portions of dark toast or dark crackers (melba toast, e.g.).

The above suggestions are mostly grab and go ideas that exist naturally and are readily available to us at the grocery store.  If you’d like, you can go online or to recipe books and magazines and find healthy granola snacks, healthy cookie snacks, and more recipes that can be made/baked.  This may feel like even more of a treat to you, or even like a potential meal replacement.

By planning, shopping, and preparing well, you can snack your way to weight loss success!