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Heaters A heater is a mechanical or electronic appliance that emanates heat waves and thereby helps another target object to rise in temperature. Thus a heater is generally used domestically and commercially to create a warming effect. There are several varieties of heaters in the markets. Some of the common varieties are discussed here. There are air preheaters that are primarily used to warm the air before passing this heated air on to another process. Space heaters may be used to make rooms or offices warmer during winters. Block heaters are used within car engines, so that they may warm up and help in the easy starting of cars and vehicles during chilling weathers. On the other hand cathode heaters were used in conventional electronic appliances to heat up the vacuum tubes of the appliances before starting. This was prior to the era of integrated circuits being currently used in electronic appliances, which do not require warming. Yet other heaters such as central heaters are used to warm entire buildings. Dielectric heaters are used in microwaves. District heaters are again used to warm entire residential or commercial complexes. Electric heaters can be used for both domestic and commercial heating purposes. Other popular types of heaters include radiation heaters, oil filled heaters, and water heaters etc.
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Heaters are a necessary evil for those of us living in cold climates. Braving the winter chill is made a lot easier when you can turn on a toasty heater, rather than wear sweaters inside all the time. Fortunately, today’s heaters are both more efficient at running, and more cheap to run as well. It’s amazing the advances that have come so far. We glamorize log cabins and those who split wood, but what about when you’re in the city, with no easily choppable trees around? Modern programmable thermostats allow finely-tuned control over the comfort level of your household, even allowing different temperatures in different rooms! This is great for those who work at home, or simply don’t need to heat their whole house all the time. For instance, while at work, it’s a great idea to program your heater to turn down so you’re not wasting fuel when nobody’s around to enjoy it. Plus, you’ll save money! A heater will keep the bitter cold winds out while retaining the excitement of an indoor board game, or cooking a meal with a family. All of these have been proven by experts to improve happiness, all thanks to heaters. They truly are a marvel.

 What is the one thing that has allowed humans to inhabit the entire planet from pole to pole? Well, I’m sure we couldn’t do it without some means to transport food, but what I’m talking about is ‘heaters’. From wood stoves to ceramic units these appliances allow us to live in all kinds of environments. Without them we would all be living in some tropical land, squeezed into one fourth the area we now enjoy. The inventors spirit has made us independent of weather and climate and we have a variety of methods to get us warm wherever we are. Heaters have helped increase our life span, made us comfortable in otherwise uninhabitable places and allowed us to work where we would otherwise have perished. When you think about it, we are fairly fragile life forms. We are not really adapted for any specific part of the earth and yet we occupy all the various conditions it creates. How far into space could we get on an unheated balloon? Perhaps we deserve to congratulate ourselves. And of course (if we ever get there) we’ll be cooking and staying warm on Jupiter as long as we have the power to produce heat. Now, if we could just get the bill down to more manageable levels.