First and foremost, good on you for signing up for the gym!

What youll need:

Water bottle

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Gym bag

Gym clothes

Running shoes




1. Water bottle

Many of you associate the gym with a shaker bottle. If you plan on consuming protein right after your workout, a shaker bottle with compartments will benefit you. If you dont plan on taking in protein after your workout, any reusable (help the environment) water bottle will do for the gym. Look for ones that are BPA-Free. Its important to keep hydrated!

2. Gym bag

Youll need something to hold your water bottle, shoes, clothes, and other essentials. With that said, its a good idea to bring a lock if your gym provides lockers. Personally, I like using a backpack, I just find it easier to carry around. I dont really bring a lot of stuff with me anyways. If you tend to bring a lot of items with you then a duffle bag may suit you better since they generally offer more room.

3. Gym clothes

My go to brand for gym clothes has been Under Armour as of late. Ive tried many brands including Nike, Puma, Fila, Adidas, unheard of brands, etc but, I find myself going back to UA more often than those other brands. Your opinion may differ from mine, but I find the material and fit to be a lot better. Ladies, clothing articles to consider for the gym: sports bras, comfortable clothing (fitted, semi-fitted, loose) that absorbs sweat (avoids being stinky :)), and thick socks (avoid blisters). Gentlemen, recommendations are the same as the ladies with the exception of sports bras. Other items you may want to consider are deodorant and towels.

4. Running shoes

As mentioned above, my go to brand for gym clothes is UA, but my go to brand for shoes is Nike. A couple of years ago, I purchased the Nike Free 4.0s and I have yet to replace them. Sometimes people choose price over comfort, but in this case the price I paid a couple of years back was worth the comfort. My suggestions for shoes include ones that fit comfortably, ones that suit the width of your feet, lightweight, and has support for the bottom of your feet. I tend to get half a size bigger since I wear thick socks to avoid blisters.

5. Music

When I go to the gym, I usually take group classes since the musics loud and the atmosphere is just on point. There are days when I would workout on my own and I would say having an iPod or MP3 player is a must. Music takes my mind off the soreness and helps me stay focus. I must say, this is not always the case for everyone, but music can help you get through a tough workout.

6. Earphones

Your earphones that came with your iPhone or your Samsung is great and convenient, but your sweat will eventually wear it down. I recommend investing in a set of sport earphones, ones that withstand a great amount of sweat and are durable.

7. Effort

Every chance you get to better yourself physically and mentally GIVE IT YOUR ALL!