With the ever growing popularity of surgical weight loss procedures, the lap band surgery has become one of the most often performed. It is considered to be a safer procedure than the more dangerous gastric bypass operation, and has a rather high success rate.

One of the advantages of having lap band surgery is that it can be adjusted as needed, or completely reversed without any complications. Therefore, you have choices if you need them. The lap band consists of a plastic band being placed around the top part of your stomach. This causes a division of equal halves of your stomach. The band causes you to feel full after eating just small amounts of food. In the lap band surgery, it is not necessary to totally bypass the intestine. This allows the food to digest in a normal fashion.

As these restrictions are banded, they can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of each patient. The surgery can also be reversed quite simply if the need or desire for this arises. Another benefit of the lap band surgery is that mal-absorption is not a problem. You will only spend about half the time in the hospital with lap band surgery as you would for a gastric bypass. This amounts to probably only 2 or 3 days, depending on your recovery rate.

As with any surgery, the lap band does not come without some risk of complications. These include leakage that can occur around the band itself, as well as the bands sometimes having a tendency to slip, or move to an entirely different part of the abdomen. If this does happen to you, you doctor can readjust the band with only minimal invasiveness.

The success rate of the lap band surgery, as well as its simpler surgical method, makes it one of the most popular methods of surgical weight loss around right now. Many celebrities have had this type of surgery, and the difference is stunning. Only you and your doctor can decide if the lap band surgery is right for you and your situation. You should talk it over with her or him and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It may be a simple surgery, but anytime you have to be put to sleep for something, it is a big deal, as anesthesia always comes with a certain amount of risk. However, for a reasonably healthy patient, the lap band surgery is considered one of the safest and most effective methods being performed.