40 fast weight loss tips – Quick, safe and healthy with 100% proven techniques


Weight loss is usually the concern of many people seeking to lead a healthier life. Usually, people fail to lose weight not because they are not dedicated but because they lack proper information on fast weight loss tips. Here are some forty fast weight loss tips compiled from reliable sources that will be of great help if healthy fast weight loss is your goal.

Track your calories for fast weight loss

Pay attention to what you are eating and do not just eat because you have to

Proteins are a revered weight loss food and increasing them will help you lose weight faster

Choose white meats over red meat

Another of the fast weight loss tips is to decrease your carbohydrate intake and do away with processed carbohydrates

Avoid junk foods as they will only impede fast weight loss

Limit your salt intake as it only contributes to water weight

Keep your intake of sugar as minimum as possible

Eat only until you are satisfied and take time to chew your food. This is one of the most important weight loss tips as it ensures you do not overeat

Avoid frying your foods

Take your vegetables raw instead of cooking them as they are more nutritious

Eat more raw fruits and vegetables as they enable fast weight loss

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and fast weight loss tips include ensuring you never skip breakfast

Include more fiber in your food

Eat 5 to 6 small meals instead of 3 large meals daily

Use a smaller plate during meals to avoid overeating

Avoid canned foods as they are high in sodium which impedes fast weight loss

One in a while, indulge in your favorite food to avoid cravings

Avoid bad weight loss drinks such as soda, fizzy and sweetened drinks

Drink plenty of water when you wake in the morning and throughout the day as it is one of the most powerful fast weight loss tips

Drink water before meals
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Drink green tea as it is another of the best fast weight loss tips

Milk promotes fast weight loss and a glass of low fat milk is one of the best weight loss tips

Reduce your intake of tea and coffee and if you must, take black tea and coffee

Do not spend every day inform of the TV, instead get active and lose weight

Plan your workouts beforehand

If possible, workout early in the morning as more calories are burnt then

Another of the important weight loss tips is to work smart and not hard

Take breaks during workouts for faster weight loss

Strength training is one of the best fast weight loss tips as it promotes fat loss and muscle building

Schedule your cardio session after strength training to burn fat after the excess carbohydrates have been used in strength training

Jog up a hill to increase fat burning intensity

Try to walk an extra 10,000 steps daily

Engage in some activity after having meals in order to increase metabolism

Avoid using remote when watching TV in order to increase activity

Try yoga as it is a great weight loss exercise

Avoid crash dieting for fast weight loss that is consistent

Set smart weight loss and workout goals

Avoid alcohol

Get enough but not too much sleep

Lap band surgery


With the ever growing popularity of surgical weight loss procedures, the lap band surgery has become one of the most often performed. It is considered to be a safer procedure than the more dangerous gastric bypass operation, and has a rather high success rate.

One of the advantages of having lap band surgery is that it can be adjusted as needed, or completely reversed without any complications. Therefore, you have choices if you need them. The lap band consists of a plastic band being placed around the top part of your stomach. This causes a division of equal halves of your stomach. The band causes you to feel full after eating just small amounts of food. In the lap band surgery, it is not necessary to totally bypass the intestine. This allows the food to digest in a normal fashion.

As these restrictions are banded, they can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of each patient. The surgery can also be reversed quite simply if the need or desire for this arises. Another benefit of the lap band surgery is that mal-absorption is not a problem. You will only spend about half the time in the hospital with lap band surgery as you would for a gastric bypass. This amounts to probably only 2 or 3 days, depending on your recovery rate.

As with any surgery, the lap band does not come without some risk of complications. These include leakage that can occur around the band itself, as well as the bands sometimes having a tendency to slip, or move to an entirely different part of the abdomen. If this does happen to you, you doctor can readjust the band with only minimal invasiveness.

The success rate of the lap band surgery, as well as its simpler surgical method, makes it one of the most popular methods of surgical weight loss around right now. Many celebrities have had this type of surgery, and the difference is stunning. Only you and your doctor can decide if the lap band surgery is right for you and your situation. You should talk it over with her or him and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It may be a simple surgery, but anytime you have to be put to sleep for something, it is a big deal, as anesthesia always comes with a certain amount of risk. However, for a reasonably healthy patient, the lap band surgery is considered one of the safest and most effective methods being performed.

How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs Fast


Obesity or excessive fat is a common problem these days. People suffering from this problem are well aware of the fact that the hardest part of the body to get rid of the fat is the thighs. If you want to know to how to lose weight in thighs fast, you must know you have to lose fat from all over the body first.  Because when you take measures to lose weight you can’t tell your body your target area to lose fat from. But having said that some exercises help you lose weight overall from the body but especially from thighs.

Losing weight in your inner thighs is a very tricky practice to do and master. To do it, two simple things to follow are exercise and diet. But sticking to a routine, changing your life style, is very simple to say and very hard to practice. But if you want to lose weight in your thighs, you would have to pay the price. Simple formula is to create a deficit in your caloric balance by burning more calories than you intake.


To lose weight in your thighs you must follow a strict routine of exercising daily for at least 30 minutes in start and increase it over time. There are many different types of exercises that you can do to lose weight in your thighs like:

• Walking and Brisk walking

Walking is simply what you do daily but for exercise do it continuously for a set period of time.

Brisk walking means walking speedily.

• Jogging:

Do jogging daily. For better results you can mix it with brisk walk. Do jogging for a while and then switch to brisk walking and alternate the two.

• Sprinting and Running:

Spiriting means to run for a short distance

Running means to run for a longer distance

• Biking:

Biking means to use exercise cycle. For better results in losing weight from thighs don’t sit on bike, stand up and pedal the bike as fast as possible.

• Swimming:

It is a complete exercise involving your whole body but to lose weight in thighs you should use your legs more while swimming.

• Squatting

Squatting means to stand up straight then bend down and stop about knee height all weight on your heels then again stand up slowly. You can create many dimensions in it like do squatting against a wall or do it while holding weight etc.

• Leg Raises

Raise your legs while lying down to floor and then bring legs down but don’t touch the ground, be in this position for 2-3 seconds then again raise your legs straight.

• Jumping Rope:

It is the best for losing weight in thighs. While jumping bend your knees a bit and your back must be straight. You can jump rope in jogging style but jumping with both feet at a time will be more useful.

• Step Aerobics:

Aerobic exercises aim at using oxygen and enhancing metabolic process while employing low intensity and long durations. In step aerobics, a raised stand is used. You have to put right step on it then left on it, now come down in same sequence. It is the simplest one, many other dimensions can be created with your moves.

Many other exercises you can go for include lunges, leg curls, leg lifts, leg press, butterfly your legs, push ups or do climbing, yoga or interval trainings etc. It all depends upon your choice which exercises you choose but to get the result i.e. lose weight in thighs depend upon following your exercise routine continuously. Heres a quick exercise so you know how to lose weight in your thighs.

Diet Plan:

Exercise only cannot help you in losing weight from thighs, you have to accompany it with proper and healthy diet. For it follow these suggestions.
• Add  fresh fruits in your diet plan
• Eat  vegetables specially leafy and green
• Include high protein diet to boost up the effects of exercise•    Eat fiber diet like seeds and nuts
• Prefer  whole grains
• Cut refined foods
• Avoid sugar, oil, white flour etc.
• Uses carbohydrates that help to lose weight
• Increase fluid intake

Remember while Eating

• Don’t eat too much at one time. Try to eat small quantities say after every 4-5 hours. It will help the body in burning food easily and prevent storing fat.
• Eat fat burning foods like eggs, beans, leafy green vegetables, skinless baked chicken etc.

Lastly, before starting any exercise or diet do consult your doctor and any trainer. In case of pain immediately discontinue the exercise and contact your doctor.

Exercise for six days a week and take rest for one day.

Warm up before starting any exercise.

Take intervals between exercises.

Change your life style and do everything in an active manner like choose stairs rather than elevator, walk for short distances, walk while talking on the phone etc.

Does Water Make You Lose Weight? You Must Believe It


Does water make you lose weight? Yes, you can. It is because water has a number of extraordinary particles that can make your weight down. Water is a thing that if you see with the naked eye is a common and there is no excess. However, if you examine the number of particles contained in it, then you will be surprised to hear that. Many benefits of water that not only can make a fresh and fit body, but also can lose weight every person. It is because water has a number of benefits as follows.

Water can withstand hunger

It does not mean you have to keep drinking water so you get the ideal body, but the water can help you to lose weight. It is because if you drink lots of water, then you will feel full in some time.

Water can help you to reduce cholesterol

Cholesterol is a very affecting body weight. However, if you drink plenty of water, then you can make your cholesterol lower, which means you can also lose weight.

Water is needed to digest food

Water can help you to bring food debris contained in the body to be removed from your body. Water also can carry toxins that present in your body. In addition, water can also help digest food contained in the body.

Water can help you to keep your liver function

If you complain of pain in the liver, then you should drink plenty of water. It is because the water can make the liver work well.

Water helps ‘flush’ the body

Many people are reluctant to drink water. It is because most of them do not want to frequent the bathroom to pee if they drink plenty of water. However, it is true. By drinking plenty of water, then you will often go to the toilet. Of course, it indicates that the toxins that are found in your body properly issued.

Water can help you to moisturize the skin

Your skin is often exposed to hot sunshine and dust which of course causes your skin to be dry and dull. Nevertheless, if you frequently drink plenty of water, then you can keep your skin moist and healthy.

Actually there are many more benefits of water that you can know besides those 6 things that have been mentioned previously. However, you should point out now is how the water can make your weight go down quickly. There are a number of ways to consume water in order to support your diet program. Its ways are:

Drinking one glass of water before you eat. It is better if you drink warm water before you eat, about 30 – 60 minutes before eating. It is meant to cleanse your digestive leftovers from a number attached to the walls. Moreover, one glass of water is after a meal. However, do not drink water immediately after eating. Give the lag time of about 15-30 minutes after eating.

Drinking one glass of water, approximately 1 hour before bedtime. In addition to filling the stomach can help you during your sleep, drink water before bed also makes the body healthy and fit for the next day. Do not forget to drink 6 glasses of water again (because everyone is required to drink 8 glasses per day) at the time that you want.

Drinking one glass of water when you wake up can also make a smooth digestion. In addition, this will make the body feel fit and fresh again.

Drinking water mixed with lemon juice. Sour taste in them will make you fresher longer, until you do not need to ask, “Does water make you lose weight?” anymore.
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Just Signed up for the Gym, Now What?


First and foremost, good on you for signing up for the gym!

What youll need:

Water bottle

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Gym bag

Gym clothes

Running shoes




1. Water bottle

Many of you associate the gym with a shaker bottle. If you plan on consuming protein right after your workout, a shaker bottle with compartments will benefit you. If you dont plan on taking in protein after your workout, any reusable (help the environment) water bottle will do for the gym. Look for ones that are BPA-Free. Its important to keep hydrated!

2. Gym bag

Youll need something to hold your water bottle, shoes, clothes, and other essentials. With that said, its a good idea to bring a lock if your gym provides lockers. Personally, I like using a backpack, I just find it easier to carry around. I dont really bring a lot of stuff with me anyways. If you tend to bring a lot of items with you then a duffle bag may suit you better since they generally offer more room.

3. Gym clothes

My go to brand for gym clothes has been Under Armour as of late. Ive tried many brands including Nike, Puma, Fila, Adidas, unheard of brands, etc but, I find myself going back to UA more often than those other brands. Your opinion may differ from mine, but I find the material and fit to be a lot better. Ladies, clothing articles to consider for the gym: sports bras, comfortable clothing (fitted, semi-fitted, loose) that absorbs sweat (avoids being stinky :)), and thick socks (avoid blisters). Gentlemen, recommendations are the same as the ladies with the exception of sports bras. Other items you may want to consider are deodorant and towels.

4. Running shoes

As mentioned above, my go to brand for gym clothes is UA, but my go to brand for shoes is Nike. A couple of years ago, I purchased the Nike Free 4.0s and I have yet to replace them. Sometimes people choose price over comfort, but in this case the price I paid a couple of years back was worth the comfort. My suggestions for shoes include ones that fit comfortably, ones that suit the width of your feet, lightweight, and has support for the bottom of your feet. I tend to get half a size bigger since I wear thick socks to avoid blisters.

5. Music

When I go to the gym, I usually take group classes since the musics loud and the atmosphere is just on point. There are days when I would workout on my own and I would say having an iPod or MP3 player is a must. Music takes my mind off the soreness and helps me stay focus. I must say, this is not always the case for everyone, but music can help you get through a tough workout.

6. Earphones

Your earphones that came with your iPhone or your Samsung is great and convenient, but your sweat will eventually wear it down. I recommend investing in a set of sport earphones, ones that withstand a great amount of sweat and are durable.

7. Effort

Every chance you get to better yourself physically and mentally GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

How to Lose Weight Effectively


Whether you aim to be in tip-top shape or start living a healthier life, you might want to know how to lose weight effectively to make sure that you successfully achieve your weight loss goals. There are, indeed, a lot of options including fitness regimen, weight loss pills, and diet fads that you can choose from but it all boils down to the most basic elements of effective weight loss and that is proper diet and exercise.

When it comes to losing weight you do not need any miracle pill to achieve it overnight. One of the most essential components of successful weight loss is eating right. Of course, there is a need to make certain changes in order to achieve your goals. Your weight loss is determined by the types of food that you take in. Do you eat a lot of fast food? Do you eat food that contains a lot of sugar or fat in it? Do you know that these kinds of food will only make you gain weight which is why you should start eating better and healthier food in order to lose weight effectively?

Eating right involves making better food choices. Plan for healthy meals and snacks all throughout the day. A healthy meal must consist of a good enough serving of protein, some carbohydrates, and fiber from vegetables. You also need certain nutrients found in fruits and vegetables which is why these are what you should be having a lot of in every meal. Choosing your source of protein and carbohydrates is also important to make sure that you are eating right. Instead of having a bag of chips or cookies for snack, why don’t try some cut up fruit?

Along with proper diet, you also need to be physically active to lose weight effectively. Exercise is also vital to any weight loss plan. Any form of exercise, whether simple or intense, is beneficial to everyone who aims to achieve a healthier body. It allows you to increase your metabolism, burning more calories than your body normally does. It also releases hormones that make you feel good. Doing exercise routines also helps you get rid of excess, unwanted fat in your body, making you lose weight even more. If you are just starting out with an exercise program it is important that you begin with simple ones before you go for more intense routines. This is to make sure that you do not overdo it and strain yourself.

Having a good exercise plan will really help you lose weight effectively, especially if you do not know what really works for you and do not want to try every single routine you find on the internet. You can seek help from fitness instructors who could help you determine the problem areas that you need to focus on or what type of exercises will help you burn more calories, depending on how much weight you have to lose and the intensity of the activities that you are capable of doing or that is most appropriate for your health condition.

Eating healthy and starting an exercise program are definitely important, but in order to lose weight effectively being determined and motivated will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Basics of Dieting



When trying to gain muscle, most people often just go to the gym and lift as many weight as they can. This is not only the wrong way of lifting to build muscle, but also just half of what you need in order to achieve some massive gains. What most people do not understand and therefore do not put an emphasis on is diet. Diet is a crucial part of building solid muscle, and should not be overlooked. Think about it like this; a racecar driver can go out and drive really fast and practice all of his turns and techniques but if he does not properly take care of his car after he is done driving it, it will begin to stop working as well. That is where protein comes in to play. Protein to the human body is like an oil change to a car. Without it, the person/car will cease to perform. Protein is the number one without a doubt most important nutrient your body needs in order to recover and build muscle. A good amount of protein to have in your diet daily is about 25% your overall calories. This means that if you had a 2000 calorie diet, 500 of those calories should come from protein.


Now while protein is the most important nutrient in order to recover and build muscle, you will not be able to have a successful workout to give yourself a use for protein without carbs. Carbs, or carbohydrates, are what gives us energy. We need energy not only to function on a daily basis, but to have that energy to be able to work out. Going back to the racecar analogy, carbs are like gasoline. Without it, how is the car supposed to run? It won’t. Many lifters underestimate the necessity of carbs in one’s diet. A good number would be about 55% of your calorie intake. That is about 1100 calories from carbs on the standard 2000 calorie diet.


The last nutrient is fats. Fats should be the least of the three nutrients, but nonetheless should not be left out. Fats are what your body uses to store energy. Carbs energy is burned up quickly, so fats are stored up and used for more long term energy. Now obviously too much fat is bad for you, but 20% should be about how much fat you include in your diet. Fats also aid in absorption of vitamins and minerals.